Art Direction, UX/UI Design


In collaboration with BLKDG, I designed the user interface of Pensford's new website.

Pensford wanted to update the design of their existing website. They wanted to set themselves apart from the competition in terms of functionality and visual identity. The most important pieces of the site redesign were to create a dashboard with  components that show real-time financial data, financial calculator forms, and a unique layout that set them apart from their competition.

My role at BLKDG on this project was art direction for the user interface. I designed everything that exists on the current website. From micro animations, to the graph designs, I implemented a design system that is used for all of Pensford's digital assets. After launching the website, I've redesigned their email campaigns, presentation collateral, and some print collateral.

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Art Direction, UX/UI Design

First Descents

In collaboration with BLKDG, I designed the user interface of First Descent's program inquiry form.

First Descent's is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to provide unique adventure opportunities to people whose lives have been affected by cancer and M.S. They wanted to make their program inquiry form a bit more user friendly, and I had the opportunity to make this happen. The most important part of the project was to increase form submissions and be able to save that information so users can access their recommended programs list at a later date.

My role at BLKDG on this project was art direction for the user interface. I designed the multi-step programs inquiry form and results page. My goal with the multi-step form was to make it easier for users to understand where they are in the process. By giving users this information, they can visually see where they are in the process, which makes completing the form more transparent.

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Art Direction, UX/UI Design

Strafe Outerwear

In collaboration with BLKDG, I designed the user interface of Strafe's homepage for their winter 2018/19 collection.

Strafe is an outerwear company based in Aspen, CO. They make some of the best outdoor apparel in the industry. When I was asked to redesign their homepage, I was beyond excited for the opportunity. The most important pieces to this homepage design was to showcase products being used the way they were intended.

My role at BLKDG was art direction for the user interface of the homepage. While remaining cohesive to the rest of the website, my goal was to help drive traffic to product pages. I achieved this by designing components that represented featured products in use. In addition to product driven components, I designed some that allowed Strafe to speak to their brand. The idea of their products being represented with a lifestyle approach allows users to connect with the products on a deeper level.

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Studio Photography, Lifestyle Photography


In collaboration with TMRC, I photographed lifestyle and studio photos to be used for social media campaigns.

Silverpeak is a cannabis dispensary and grow facility based in Aspen, Colorado. Their storefront is one of my favorites I've been to, and they produce really great cannabis products. Working with them to create photos to be used for their digital marketing was a great opportunity for me.

I worked with Silverpeak on several different photo shoots. Basically, I was tasked with creating photo content to be used in digital marketing campaigns (social and email). One of the main areas of focus for the campaign was their Instagram. By managing the photos and posts to their Instagram, I was able to grow their feed by thousands of followers in under one year. On top of that, I got to take some of my favorite photos I've ever had the opportunity to create.

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Digital Artwork, Photoshop, Cinema 4d

Blake Lockard

I create digital artwork that helps me reach a broader audience on Instagram.

Creating digital artwork has been a great outlet for me to express myself creatively. I get to practice new techniques and see things in a different way. It helps me with my other projects to keep ideas from getting stale. I post my digital artwork to Instagram for the ability to reach a broad audience of people committed to my style. I've worked with several talented musicians such as The Glitch Mob, Pineapple Destruction, Jonathan Thomas, and more.

The artwork I create is an expression of emotion and it's very therapeutic for me. If I didn't have this outlet, I don't know where I'd be right now. It's become a huge part of my process, and I like to think of Instagram as my method of reaching my target audience.

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